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Organising, securing and preparing construction sites

W budowie nowych obiektów oraz zabudowie istniejących kluczowym etapem jest przygotowanie terenu pod budowę i organizacja placu budowy. Znacząco wpływa ona na wygodę i jakość prowadzonych prac, ale także na koszty budowy, relacje sąsiedzkie oraz ochronę środowiska.

Why is the organisation and security of the construction site so important?

The construction site is most of all the place of investment implementation. It includes the following works: delivery and unloading of materials, warehousing and storage of goods, e.g. elements of steel structures, sandwich panels and other materials waiting for their installation. Many transport vehicles, lifting machinery and equipment, as well as equipment and workers involved in the construction process pass through the building site. Logistics plays an important role on the construction site, as it is a territory where hazardous work can take place, including deep excavations, welding and demolition work, work at height and the operating range of cranes, etc.

While implementing investments for our clients, we provide:

Przygotowanie terenu pod budowę z użyciem koparki

  1. Preparation of the construction site, including:
  • staking out the objects and levelling the site;
  • construction site management along with the construction of temporary infrastructure;
  • execution of connections to the technical infrastructure network for construction purposes.
  1. Construction site fencing intended to:
  • preventing accidents, e.g. by sudden intrusion of people not directly related to the investment on the construction site; plac budowy;
  • securing the construction site against third parties access;
  • securing property, materials, devices and machines at the construction site.
  1. Oznaczenie terenu budowy w celu ułatwienia dostaw zewnętrznych i logistyki.
  2. Organising construction site facilities.
  3. Health and safety training for guests and new employees.
  4. Division of the construction site into zones.
  5. Taking care of neighbors and the environment.


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