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Building structures for developers and private investors

We carry out tasks for developers and private investors. Spot-On Welding offers comprehensive implementation of investment, modernization and renovation projects. Our company mostly operates in the field of construction, where steel structures are used. We provide professional services in the preparation, management and implementation of investment projects at all its stages.

Spot-On Welding Sp. z o.o. is an independent company providing services in the field of construction investments for developers, private and public investors. In our services for the construction industry, we offer general contracting in the field of production and installation of steel structures for buildings, in particular including residential investments.

Konstrukcje budowlane Katowice - budowa wieżowca

We carry out projects for

  • housing construction;
  • department stores construction;
  • commercial spaces construction;
  • office and services construction;
  • shopping halls construction.

Our services include steel structures for private investors:

  • steel structures of roofs;
  • stair structures;
  • terrace structures;
  • handrail structures.

These are examples of services we offer to private investors. Feel free to contact us for a valuation.

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Measurement at construction site and 3D scanning


Object modeling and FEM analysis


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