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Reverse-engineering process

By using reverse-engineering in the production of our steel constructions, we are able to quickly and productively map the actual dimensions of buildings, steel structures or machines. This allows us to efficiently repair or modernize engineering facilities, as well as to create complete documentation before and post-production.

Reverse-engineering and the conventional method

Inżynieria odwrotna planowana przez inżyniera

A characteristic feature of the process of designing steel constructions implemented by using the conventional method is the procedure in which the structure is first created - understood as a creation, recorded in the form of a 2D technical drawing or virtual 3D models.

Nowadays, it can be assumed that each of the above-mentioned forms of recording a structure is carried out with the use of computer systems, so it is digital. Such a design record is also more and more often the basis for creating an object, especially when using modern CNC machine tools. So what can be done in such situation? When there is a need to duplicate an existing object, and we do not have any form of recording its construction, which is the basis for its production. In this case, reverse-engineering comes to the rescue.

The stages of reverse-engineering

Measurement usually consists in making non-contact measurements and obtaining a three-dimensional representation of the item. Currently, the most popular technique used to reproduce the geometry of complex parts is the use of a 3D scanner in combination with special software. This gives us the opportunity to create a universal CAD model.

Having a CAD model, we can modify the part and complete a damaged or broken detail, and then bring it back into service.

Reverse-engineering is a fast and proven method of recreating objects

It allows us to create practical tools and parts necessary to implement the planned modifications. Using reverse-engineering, we can also test or supplement documentation.

Thanks to reverse-engineering techniques and models we can obtain tailor-made data which is needed in the fabrication and production of steel structures and machines.


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