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Hybrid constructions

Our solid and professional approach to the implementation of facilities allowed us to open an innovative department in the company. This department is designing, producing and assembling hybrid structures.

Production of hybrid structures from scratch

The production of hybrid constructions consists in combining several different materials, which affect each other. As a result, they add value to the entire structure or structural system: hall, machine, bridges, footbridges, platforms, etc.

We manufacture and produce hybrid structures composed of materials such as: aluminum, stainless and acid-proof steels, composite materials and carbon steels. Our company one of the few on Polish and European market that can design, connect and install all these materials together from scratch, so that they work together as one creation.

Operating in different branches of industry, we have noticed that in many cases the use of one type of material does not make it possible to utilize the structure in a long-term perspective. The use of one type of material significantly reduces the usefulness of the construction.

More and more often, lightness, high strength and high corrosion resistance, even up to the corrosivity class C5-M, are required of the structure.

Nasze konstrukcje hybrydowe znajdują szerokie zastosowanie w oczyszczalniach ścieków komunalnych i przemysłowych, zakładach chemicznych, sortowniach i spalarniach śmieci. Gdzie materiały są narożne na wysokie stężenie siarkowodoru (H₂S),  jonów chlorkowych, wysokiego zasolenia i innych substancji silnie reagujących.

Konstrukcje hybrydowe - produkcja

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have created a department that deals with the selection of the most appropriate materials for your investment from scratch. This allows you to save time, costs and significantly improves the visual effect of the detail or the entire structural system.

Additional protection of hybrid constructions

To extend the life of our structures, we can additionally protect them with epoxy resins. It allows the structure to be immersed in the medium without the risk of corrosion and damage to load-bearing elements during long-term usage.

In our opinion, the implementation of projects is not only about building solid structures - mostly it is about building structures that give satisfaction from their use.

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