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Object modeling and FEM analysis

The latest computer technologies supporting design, enable us to model various materials with variable operating characteristics, allow us to analyse the behavior of structural elements for given boundary conditions and obtain a number of results that guarantee reliability, safety and durability of the construction.

We offer FEM Analysis as part of our projects and as independent services, as well as as part of more comprehensive projects.

Construction optimization through modeling methods

Along with the increasing requirements of investors and architects for the shapes and complexity of steel structures, our team faces more and more challenges and problems. To meet these requirements, our designers use complex materials and technical solutions, aming to simplify the construction and its optimization.

Modern and innovative FEM numerical modeling methods have emerged that use advanced and precise approaches to solve problems in the field of practical engineering as well as strength issues

By taking into account the growing number of variables that have a direct impact on the operation of the construction, we refine it to perfection.

As a result, it is possible to predict whether the designed construction is of sufficient strength and whether the material from which it is constructed is economically used.

What is FEM Analysis?

Most structures, due to their geometric complexity, require the use of computer methods. The most common method is the Finite Element Method (FEM), in which an object is broken down into many simpler pieces (finite elements). Mutual mechanical interactions of these elements are determined by computer and are the aim of our research.

The advantages of FEM analysis:

  • significant optimization of the shape of the construction in order to reduce critical stress-strain state;
  • cost reduction of materials used to make a steel construction or machine;
  • ability to determine stress concentrations and reduce them through redesigning;
  • reducing the weight of the construction by selecting the most favorable structural materials.

We offer you:

  • static-linear analysis;
  • thermal analysis of pressure tanks resulting from the medium displacement;
  • nonlinear analysis (large deformations, contact, plasticity);
  • analyzes coupled with CFD modeling of fluid motion (so-called Fluid Structure Interaction, FSI);
  • weight optimization analysis of construction and materials used.

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Object modeling and FEM analysis


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