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Transport HDS Katowice

Precise steel constructions and oversized structures require professional transport. When manufacturing steel constructions, we deliver them to the installation site and directly to our customers.

We secure and transport steel constructions

Each construction investment requires the use of many types of devices, including for road, rail, air or sea transport. It is necessary to ensure that the transported steel constructions, machines and devices are properly adapted to the transport of this type of equipment.

If they are not properly transported or stored, they may become damaged or lose their properties.

Transport ponadgabarytowy Śląsk - Spot-On

As a result, they will become useless on the construction site. In the case of serious construction investments, such as the construction of a hall, industrial plants or the delivery of machines with delicate mechatronic devices, a well-thought-out plan for packing, loading, transport and unloading is crucial. In such a situation, cars adapted to the transport of heavy materials and oversized structures are necessary.

Trucks should be adapted not only to transport, but also to proper loading. They must also contain all the necessary accessories, thanks to which it will be possible to properly secure the materials during transport. Loading is not enough to easily transport heavy, but damageable materials. The longer the route, the more attention must be paid to the proper securing of the load.

Here are the cities where we most often (not exclusively) carry out oversized transport


  • Katowice
  • other cities in Śląsk

Transport HDS Katowice, Gliwice - range of services

Spot-On - transport hds katowice i okolice

  1. Horizontal transport:

For horizontal transport, we mainly use trucks with semi-trailers with a length of 13.6 m, with an open semi-trailer, the so-called platform or semi-trailer covered on each side, the so-called tarpaulin. Additionally, we can provide low-loading and oversized transport. We combine horizontal and vertical transport by using a car with HDS. This allows the transported materials to be unloaded directly on the construction site, without a necessity of ordering a crane.

  1. Vertical transport:

For vertical transport, we mainly use cranes equipped with a handle for lifting loads - it can be a hook for heavy loads, a jack, a pulley or a hoist. The type of handle must be adapted to the type of object being moved, including its dimensions, shape and weight, so that there is no risk of falling during transport.

  1. Horizontal and vertical transport:

For both horizontal and vertical transport, cranes and gantry cranes are most often used, which have much greater possibilities than the other devices mentioned. They are also designed for various types of materials, for example, ready-made sections of assembled structures directly at the installation site.

This equipment is often available for rent together with the operator's service, which means that a specialist with appropriate permissions is then responsible for its operation. Transport HDS Katowice - this is where we have our headquarters and a group of regular customers. Join them.

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