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Conventional measurement methods might often cause a significant risk of mistakes and the need for repeated site visits. They absorb the time of investors and clients. Incorrectly collected data is associated with a difficult design process and may be significantly flawed.

Striving to achieve the perfection of our products, we meet the expectations of the most demanding customers

In Spot-On Welding we always start the measurement process with a field visit, at this stage we also determine the range of work and the location of the new investment (steel structure of the hall, machinery or equipment), as well as other products included in our offer.

After agreeing the initial design with the client, we begin to accurately read the data at the site using 3D scanning.

Modern, innovative 3D scanners, with which we work, allow us to scan objects with accuracy in values expressed in microns - unattainable for conventional measurements methods.

3D scanning services include:

  • 3D scanning;
  • 3D modeling;
  • creating 3D models of real objects;
  • 3D visualization of real objects;
  • digitization of artifacts, historic and archaeological objects.

Virtual 3D model

By creating a virtual, three-dimensional model, we accurately reflect not only the geometry of the scanned object, but also its architecture, texture and colors.

We generate a 3D model from the scanning process, smoothly moving to the stage of designing the construction and FEM strength calculations, thus shortening the implementation time and lowering the cost.

Our inventory eliminates most of the risks and affects the timely execution of the steel structure and installation on the construction site.

We use measurement techniques with the use of 3D scanning both for large projects counting in hundreds of tons, as well as for small projects for private investors.

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Object modeling and FEM analysis


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