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Preparation of workshop and technological documentation for production

Taught by many years of experience and in order to facilitate the flow of information between our design office and production and assembly, we use one standard of technical documentation to implement our projects. This allows for a simple transfer of data to our team and makes it easier to read the production documentation. In addition, we transfer various standards and regulations of Polish and foreign customers to the standards used in our company.

For our production, we prepare workshop and technological drawings excluded directly from the clients’ construction and working design or from our own development. We adapt our documentation to technological possibilities, machine park and software used for production in our company and in cooperation.

Dokumentacja technologiczna i warsztatowa Spot-On Welding

Our workshop and technological documentations include:

  • Drawings of individual elements;
  • Drawings of prefabricated and shipping items;
  • Rysunki Montażowe oraz model 3D;
  • Files for CNC machine tools in DWG & NC format;
  • Lists of materials;
  • Shipping item lists;
  • Single item lists;
  • Bolt lists;
  • Anchor plate lists;
  • Inspection and test plans;
  • Welding plans;
  • Weld summary lists;
  • Protocols of non-destructive and destructive testing;
  • Declarations of conformity;
  • Protocols of anti-corrosion protection.

In reference to large-size constructions and pressure tanks, the workshop and technological documentation may additionally include:

  • Stress test procedures;
  • Drop test procedures;
  • Determination of the centers of gravity;
  • Determination of the attachment points of slings;
  • Preparation of the traverse substructure and lifting procedures;
  • Pressure testing procedures.

We also prepare detailed guidelines for workshop designs of steel constructions intended for hot-dip galvanization,in which the profiles used should include the necessary openings for zinc overflow.

BIM technology

As part of BIM technology we try to help our clients in the use of 3D software. We facilitate the installation of multi-dimensional structures on our steel constructions. Often combining the electrical, hydraulic, automatics and pneumatics industries.

Zachęcamy inwestorów realizujących konstrukcje stalowe, aby przed rozpoczęciem projektu wykonać inwentaryzację obiektu za pomocą naszych urządzeń do skanowania 3D.

Thanks to the use of BIM software from the beginning of the design process, the price of a steel structure workshop design at the stage of a construction design or detailed design can be very attractive.

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