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Our Spot-On Welding team has introduced many innovative projects that allowed us to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

In previous projects, we have helped our clients by making the following structures:

  • structures for securing work at height;
  • tracks for elevation servicing equipment;
  • elevator shaft structures;
  • structures for horizontal and vertical transport;
  • construction of devices and machines;
  • technological constructions for manufacturing plants;
  • constructions for serial and mass production;
  • structures for recycling plants and waste incineration plants;
  • transformer structures;
  • structures for photovoltaic panels;
  • structures for power plants;
  • pressure tank and heat exchanger structures;
  • structures made of alloy steels and aluminum;
  • structures for chemical plants;
  • structures for metallurgy and mining.


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Measurement at construction site and 3D scanning


Object modeling and FEM analysis


3D visualization

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