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The advantages of using stainless and acid-proof steel

Stainless and acid-proof steels are lasting, aesthetic materials which main advantage is their anti-corrosion properties and high durability.

The main benefit of using stainless steel elements is that it do not require additional anti-corrosion protection, e.g. painting or galvanizing, as is the case with carbon steels, also called black.

After technological operations such as mechanical cutting, machining, thermal cutting and welding, we perform chemical or laser etching.

We support our clients in the early stages of the project, up to the installation and commissioning of devices on site

Our construction services are generally addressed to specific types of industries, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, cosmetics, food and also many other similar industries.

Our services include:

  • carring out machines and installations inventory;
  • designing, 3D scanning, Beam technology modeling;
  • installations of transmission facilities for steam, water and compressed air condensates;
  • manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers;
  • manufacture of storage tanks;
  • manufacture of production and processing lines;
  • preparation of technical infrastructure for machines and devices, including supporting structures;
  • manufacture of conveyor roller tracks and belts;
  • manufacture of smaller items, such as balustrdes, ladders and handrails.

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