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TWS structures and other composite materials

If there is a question in our industry about which material is currently the most lasting and durable, the answer is always the same, it is a composite material, i.e. composed of several components that improve its properties, giving very satisfying results.

Using this technology, we create TWS structures that are used in many areas. Composite materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic grids or glass reinforced plastic grids offer many advantages that metal materials cannot provide. It made us decide to make TWS structures. We carry out projects in Gliwice and also other cities in Poland and Europe. We invite investors and companies as well as private investors to contact us.

Composite materials constructions of GRP, TWS, FRP - advantages

  • high chemical resistance;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • no electrical conductivity and no sparking in an explosive environment;
  • reduced weight of the structure;
  • ong-lasting durability;
  • ower installation cost.

These are just some of the advantages of this type of material that make TWS and other composite structures more and more popular. Modern technology provides a lot of room for maneuver and can be used in various industries, and the unique properties of this type of materials are appreciated by an increasing number of large companies and small entrepreneurs.

Our offer includes:

  • supporting structures for machines and devices;
  • bridge and platform supporting structures;
  • stairs and staircases constructions;
  • balustrades and fencing systems;
  • platform gratings.

Our steel constructions are used in different industries, such as: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry and sewage plants. We manufacture high quality products which are resistant to adverse conditions.

To meet the requirements of our customers, we also combine composite materials with other materials, using:

  • structures made of painted or galvanized carbon steel;
  • structures made of stainless and acid-resistant steel;
  • structures made of plastics.

Why is it worth using our services?

Spot-On Welding manufactures TWS structures in Gliwice and other cities in Poland and Europe. For over ten years, we have specialised in the manufacture of steel structures, and now we also use the latest technologies, using composite materials. It is an excellent alternative to traditional solutions, which allows our clients to reduce investment costs in the industry, as well as in public sectors or other areas. The versatility of TWS structures is confirmed by our numerous projects.

We offer complete production, delivery and installation, so that our customers receive the finished product, saving time. If necessary, we provide inventory, 3d scanning and design. Feel free to contact us.

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