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Construction site survey services concern:

  • Industrial buildings, industrial plants, steel halls, hybrid reinforced concrete and steel structures and also warehouses;
  • Correctness control of the works performed during construction and as-built inventory;
  • General construction, housing estate construction and private construction facilities;
  • Engineering equipment and machine positioning;
  • Structural surveys.

Our work is based on appropriate dimensioning and marking of the area, determining the structural axes of the building, or the course of the network of utilities and designed breakpoints, as well as altitude benchmarks. The description of the performed building surveying activities is entered into the construction log and signed by an authorized surveyor.

Additionally, we provide services as:

  • Staking out building sites and networks;
  • Maps for judicial purposes;
  • As-built inventory;
  • Construction site survey services;
  • Reestablishment of boundary lines;
  • Property demarcation;
  • Property division.

In order to complete the construction work, we provide as-built inventory map, i.e. a document that certifies the record of newly built facilities in the national land surveying and cartographic resource. The map from the as-built inventory is also one of the basic elements necessary during the process of applying for an occupancy permit.

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Measurement at construction site and 3D scanning


Object modeling and FEM analysis


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