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Logistics in production

Logistics in the production of steel constructions face two important tasks. The first is to provide elements for the production of structures or machines and all their components. The second is to provide all technological materials needed for their production.

In the production process of steel constructions of halls, machines and devices, semi-finished products or ready-made purchase materials are used, which, in order to ensure smooth production, should be collected in an appropriate amount and in a place from which they can be quickly delivered to production. Finished wares "leaving" production must be stored on the premises of the factory until the appropriate amount is sent for installation or to customers.

Facilitation for installation of our products

Before shipping our steel constructions for painting or before shipping to the galvanizing facility, permanent markings will enable easy identification on construction site and during installation.

Po dostawie w miejsce montażu lub do odbiorcy w łatwy sposób można odnaleźć elementy, które nawiązują do naszej dokumentacji projektowej. Dodatkowo After delivery to the installation site or to the customer, you can easily find elements that refer to our project documentation. Additionally, after delivery, we identify the place of storage so as to speed up the execution of the installation.

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