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Spot-on Welding modern steel constructions

Spot-On Welding is a company that offers a wide range of steel products and provides full execution and installation services of steel constructions for engineering facilities.

We provide our clients with high quality products with CE marking. Our goal is to assure assistance and professional knowledge. We offer individual approach to particular projects, that makes the realisation process easier and more efficient, in order to fulfil the expectations of our clients. Our specialists get involved with each project and make sure that execution is being performed with precision and quality. Spot-On Welding team is able to easily meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The company holds many certificates, which are confirming the great knowledge of design and production of steel constructions. What is more the steel construction manufacturing is the main core of company’s activity, which is performed successfully for many years. Continuous improvement on all levels guarantees high quality standards on execution of projects and attention to details.
In Spot-on Welding company we established rules, which are designed to make our clients sure they receive high quality products and comprehensive support. We are happy to advise you on the solutions best suited to your requirements, and at the same time we follow the principle of cost and benefit optimization, while creating new engineering structures. Our team takes full responsibility through every stage of the project. We start with setting up the project detailed schedule and we stick to it to meet the deadline every time. Spot-On Welding team consists of professionalists, using their experience to create steel constructions tailored to clients’ needs.

If you’re searching for experts on steel constructions, we are specialists in the industry. We offer complex services from design to the execution of the service and installation. Our company carries out the orders in Katowice, Gliwice and also other parts of Poland or abroad. Depending on clients’ needs we offer subcontracting or general contracting which consists of design, 3D visualization, building permit, preparation of construction site and turnkey construction.

We encourage clients from Katowice, but also other parts of Poland and abroad to contact us any time.
Spot-On Welding Sp. z o. o. specialises in steel structures. We are professionals who have been perfecting and constantly modernizing their workshop over the years.

Our company offers steel halls tailored to the needs of your company. We provide both design and installation of steel constructions in such locations as Gliwice, serving our clients with our knowledge at every stage of the order. Our experts help you choose welded structures, suggesting the best technological solutions for your needs. We do not use template methods. We work with clients so that our production of steel structures supports the industry with modern solutions. Our company is based in Katowice, but we also accept orders from nearby cities such as Gliwice, Zabrze, Sosnowiec, and other parts of Poland.
Spot-On Welding offers various types of diagnostics. We control welded structures by using non-destructive methods. The steel halls we provide are checked by performing visual VT tests, PT penetration tests and many others. On the other hand, by offering the installation of steel constructions, we can provide full execution and detailed design documentation at the client's request.

We are specialists in the industry, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in the production and installation of steel constructions. Spot-On Welding carries out orders not only in the city of Katowice or Gliwice. Our company is open to cooperation with companies from Poland and abroad. Depending on the customer's needs, we offer installation of steel constructions, designing in Tekla Structures and AutoCAD. We also help in choosing steel halls in accordance with the needs of a given business.


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Our activity isn’t based on template methods. We keep developing our abilities, which helps us improve on projects’ execution, production and installation.


Spot-On Welding team is highly committed to all projects conducted. We show professionalism and ensure personal contact.


Our innovative approach is expressed in continuously improved abilities and motivation for perfection.

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Spot-on Welding

Spot-On Welding Sp. z o.o.
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